When three makers come together magic happens

What happens when a Fashion Designer, an interactive designer and an electronic engineer hack a garment over the weekend?

Three Makers, from different fields of experience, collaborated over the weekend to make a garment, which glows on sensing motion.

“Lighthouse Experiments” is a collaboration between Anuj Sharma and Mayur Karnik that explores e-textiles and physical computing in the context of ‘Button Masala’ – a simple joinery system designed for clothing by Anuj Sharma that uses only buttons and rubber bands. These experiments involved playing around with different sensors (eg. flex sensor, infra red, etc.) to control LEDs fused together using the Button Masala joinery system. This further led to a collaboration with Sohil Patel who developed a garment with array of RGB LEDs and Infra Red Sensor which was recently showcased at Lakme India Fashion Week – Winter 2014 collection. On waving a hand over the sensor, the LED arrays change colors in a sequence from red to blue to green. Once the circuit was ready, Anuj put everything together to create a beautiful story.

Mayur Karnik, an interactive designer + installation artist, and Sohil Patel, an electronics engineer + passionate maker, helped Anuj Sharma put together this garment before the show. Icing on the cake? The collaboration was made possible through the Maker Fest Network.

Anuj Sharma’s Button Masala enables anyone to design clothes by using simple buttons and rubber bands and is one of the fastest, cheapest and sustainable garment making techniques.