Thank You!

Participants from kids to 60 year olds were seen trying their hands out on anything and everything creative. Be it learning how to code or turning waste into art, together our makers and participants did it all stemming towards an uprising Maker Movement.

Mega attractions were the DIY (Do It Yourself) workshops and maker spaces across the backfields. Enthusiasts thronged Karan Chaphekar’s 3D printer workshop and were in equal awe, when a young Shivam Gupta took us through his journey towards building a 3D online game at a tender age.

While the Talk by Sanavar Oberoi about canabis-industrial hemp had us in occasional splits with his metaphorical references to the plant’s infamous association, Charles Ma’s beautiful performance left us amazed and the chronicles of the breathing sense technology left us wondering the genius wonder that Susant Pattnaik truly is.

Right from wire making, iNSECT bot, battery less dice building, LED pen making, to the corrugated lamps, origami, glove mouse, Button Masala, Processing, Clay Club and Laptop Cooler workshops, every workshop was met with eager and curious swarm of participants who were loving every minute of the Do-It-Yourself experience at #MakerFest2014.

We would like to thank each and every one our Makers, who are the core origins of Maker Fest. The fest wouldn’t have been a possibility without you. We extend our kind regards to all our friends, team mates and our Maker Fest volunteers who, through their relentless efforts, made sure Maker Fest turned out to be everything we hoped for and more.

Thank you one and all. Truly.

We hope to see you all again soon!