Maker Fest-2015 Student Ambassador Program

What is Maker fest Student ambassador Program?

Maker fest is an initiative by MJFF. Maker fest student ambassador would focus to create DIY and maker environment and you would be bridge of Maker fest and your college/city. This year we introduce Student ambassador program only for Google Student ambassador India. Only Google Student Ambassadors (GSA) can apply.

What is maker fest?

Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Fair hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan, among others. Maker Faire, which launched in California, USA in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands attendees twice a year across California and New York. It is the amalgamation of festivals celebrating the innovators and an art show with all the booths for inventors and demonstrations and workshops for attendees. Creators, artists and hobbyist across the country are invited to present their contemporary applications of ideas using the vast ocean of art, science and technology. Also, it is noncommercial and free for the public to attend.  Maker Fest monumentalized not only the final product but also the learning and explorations one faced during the making of something new using the already established.  Come together to build up an enormous community of Makers in India as India is renowned of having the greatest intellectual horsepower among other countries of world.

Idea, build and share.

Responsibility as a Student ambassador :

  • Find Makers from your college/city and tell them about maker fest.
  • Introduce maker fest in your college/city.
  • Promote Maker fest.
  • Establish Maker community/Makerspace in your College/city.
  • Create DIY cultural.
  • Organize Maker meetup every 2 months.
  • Organize Make-a-thon

Benefits : 

  • Chance to increase your Network with MJFF.
  • Enhance your skills.
  • Get invite to attend Maker fest 2015.
  • Get honored as a Maker Fest Student ambassador by MJFF.