Blind Hackathon by E4D as a part of Maker Fest 2014 at Blind People’s Association, Ahmedabad!

Education for Development and the Blind Person’s Association Of Ahmedabad conducted a workshop for the blind on the 3rd of Jan. About 30 blind students participated in the workshop. The event was planned to coincide #MakerFest2014 at NID, with the goal of including the blind youth in the emerging Indian Maker Movement.

The morning started with presentation by Govindraj, Manager of the Blind Lead Workshop in Vellore, TN, who demonstrated several blind accessible construction methods and a Braille label maker that he has helped to design. Participants were then introduced to basic electronics like buzzers, motors, vibrators and the were encouraged to consider how these component mechanisms could be put together to be helpful to them in their daily lives.

For example, a group of students came up with the idea of mounting a button controlled buzzer onto the front of his jacket to alert vehicle drivers if their presence while crossing the road.The students were introduced to simple circuits on the breadboard with buzzers, motors and switches, who then went around teaching the other students and soon there was buzzing and beeping all over the place, with blind people being able to make the simple circuits on their own. Govindraj and other members of Blind Lead showed how to emboss Braille onto soda cans and use it as strong labels for outdoors labelling such as on trees, boards.

Team E4D then, went on to have an ideation session where the students came up with real life challenges that they would wish to solve. They eventually formed teams on various projects and goals that E4D and Blind Lead will help them achieve over the coming months.