10 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss attending Maker Fest 2015

Maker Fest is not an ordinary event. It is a carousel of ideas unbound. It is the celebration of the makers of the nation. Giving the makers platforms to show case their innovations. At Maker Fest we shall be having makers with some of the best innovations from the nation.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Maker Fest 2015

1. Innovations:

Man is an ever evolving animal; he keeps on inventing and discovering new things. At Maker Fest witness one of the best innovations of the country. From 3D printers to animated T shirts you see them all at Maker Fest.

2. Learning:

Learning never stops. We always learn something. At Maker Fest there are a series of workshops each teaching you something new. Learn how to draw circuits or make and fly gliders.

3. Food:

All across the world people eat to live while in Ahmedabad people live to eat. Certainly Ahmedabad is the city of foodies. Have some of the best delicacies on the food stalls at Maker Fest.

4. Ahmedabad:

The city itself is extremely beautiful with tourist attractions like the Kankaria lake, Adalaj ni Vav, Akshardham within just a drive of few mins. Ahmedabad is a sure shot place to spend some quality time.

5. Like Minded people:

Attending such events connects you with several people. You find people who share similar interests. Network with such people and collaboratively you can do wonders.

6. Inspiration:

Boost up your enthusiasm of taking the path less travelled. The Makers are usually the stubborn ones who decided to follow their aspirations. Moreover nothing accelerates you more than seeing your peers.

7. The Venue:

The exhibit design is at Maker Fest is also fascinating something which is very unique and one of its kind, designed by the architects and designers of CEPT University they certainly will pull out your eyeballs.

8. Sci-Fi Technology:

We all have read and heard about sci-fi technologies. At Maker Fest you get to see them all; from Google glass to Occulus to Google Cardboard.

9. Support the Maker Movement:

The makers and their hidden talents are being unveiled now. With the Make in India project even the Government of India is supporting the Maker movement; let’s join hands to support the maker movement in India.

10. Our Chief Guests :

Sshhh!! Let’s keep this a secret.

Done reading?

Now rush and go book your tickets; It’s 10-11 January in Ahmedabad.