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It has been quite a while since all of us at Maker Fest, right from student volunteers to the organizational committee at MJFF (Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation) have been planning to have an official meet-up and engage in a brainstorming session together, and on Friday, we did just that and what a noble session that turned out to be!

 With every flying thought and conceptual idea from the team, there blew in ten other possibilities on how we could channelize those concepts into a functional endeavor and wow the spectators at the Fest. Every new idea that poured in, from a volunteer or a team-member took in a new functional reality and we realized, how Maker Fest is no longer just a showcase of creations by our fellow Makers, but rather a LIVE faire filled with engaging talks, live demonstrations, Do-It-Yourself workshops and much more!

 We also realized how Maker Fest isn’t just about like-minded people getting together. It’s about people from all spheres and walks of life, coming together to build an ecosystem that has the potential to address local problems and issues using the skills and technologies of our fellow makers to generate universal problem solving mechanisms.

 It’s about how a fellow electric technician with a nukkad shop can channelize his skills to help a budding student innovator visualize a circuit prototype. It’s about how entrepreneurs on the look-out for innovations can recognize these prototypes and help manufacture tested & working models, thus taking them to the next level, i.e. through licensed commercial technology that everyone can benefit from. All this possible just by a young innovator and a local technician taking that first baby step together.

It was a day of revelry and inspiring ideas, and figuring out ways to transform those ideas into interesting workshops and shows for our attendees on January 4th and 5th at Maker Fest and hopefully we’ll be able to achieve just that and more in the days to come.

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