Of blind hackathons and iNSECT bots

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E4D aims to provide free higher and continuing education to the masses of India, who normally do not have access to it, cannot afford it or are prevented by other reasons from obtaining it. We are proud to be featuring E4D at Maker Fest, 2014 who’ll be part of several workshops, exhibits and activities as a part of the fest.

E4D starts their activities at Maker Fest, beginning January 3rd when they’ll be holding a Blind Hackathon/Workshop at the Blind Persons Association Grounds. It is a dedicated hackathon for the blind, to introduce them to making and DIY electronics and mechanical hand-works using a variety of lab tools. All participants will be mentored by E4D members and Blind workers from the Blind Lead workshop. On January 4th, students will showcase their projects and the Blind Makerspace at the BPA Louis Braille Birthday Celebration.

And that’s not all. E4D will also be holding several exhibits that is sure to soar excitement levels at Maker Fest, in the coming year. They’ll be showcasing exhibits like a home-made electric scooter, a “Mobiscope” which is a microscope using a mobile camera, “Amagara Saver” which is a low cost incubator that almost replaces electricity, “Humidifyes” which is an ultra cheap eye humidifier, “PetBrains” which is an interactive game that creates such an environment for the pet, where it can interact with and learn in the process. The team will also be showcasing a Braille-It labeler, which is a braille labelling device designed by Ted Moallem and developed completely by blind workers at the Blind Lead workshop in Vellore and a Braille typewriter developed completely by the Blind Lead workshop in Vellore.

Another attraction is the iNSECT bot making workshop by Abhijit Sinha, displaying how to make small four legged insect like robots that can detect obstacles and turn around as well. You’ll also get to hear Ted Moallem deliver a Talk on E4D and Higher education in India at the fest.

We can’t wait for the festivities to start to showcase the best of E4D to all you beautiful people.

You can register for #MakerFest2014 right here.

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