How cool could be to wave your fingers in mid air and get things done? Pretty cool, uh!
Join MousePro to use simple computer programming to control your computer mouse pointer using your fingers.

What will we use to make it?
We’ll use OpenCV libraries and Python to implement the amazing.

OpenCV is an Open Source Computer Vision library. Owing to its Open Source nature, it has a lot of pre-programmed functions which help the programmers build Computer Vision projects without worrying about coding “everything”.

Python is a widely used general purpose high-level programming language. Its better code readability and vast libraries help a programmer to write codes that are easily understandable and shorter in length then the ones written in other languages like C/C++ and Java.

OpenCV libraries support different languages such as C/C++ and python.

A note to participants
The project would require each participant to bring their laptops with either an integrated or external webcam.
OpenCV libraries are available for different platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
We will be working on Windows (7 or later).
Since participants would require to install softwares and configure their laptops accordingly we’ll share a bunch of files with them during the registration process.
These would include instructions for installation and the softwares required.

Registration Fee : Free

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