• Bella Joshi
    Bella Joshi
  • Meghna Bhutoria
    Meghna Bhutoria
  • yash bansal
    yash bansal
  • vruddhi bhatia
    vruddhi bhatia
  • udit sheth
    udit sheth
  • shehzad irani
    shehzad irani
  • shachu mankar
    shachu mankar
  • sampath reddy althur
    sampath reddy althur
  • samarth jajoo
    samarth jajoo
  • saksham sharma
    saksham sharma
  • Monica Yadav
    Monica Yadav
  • punit jain
    punit jain
  • prem sagar
    prem sagar
  • prapti verma
    prapti verma
  • parth patel
    parth patel
  • nitin vasanth
    nitin vasanth
  • nishi kampanwala
    nishi kampanwala
  • lavina utamani
    lavina utamani
  • kunal krishnan
    kunal krishnan
  • krutharth patel
    krutharth patel
  • keyur punjani
    keyur punjani
  • keval kelawala
    keval kelawala
  • kaustubh shivdikar
    kaustubh shivdikar
  • karan sangani
    karan sangani
  • jaidev shah
    jaidev shah
  • imtiyaz ansari
    imtiyaz ansari
  • Hirnakshi Harshwal
    Hirnakshi Harshwal
  • harshwardansinh zala
    harshwardansinh zala
  • Hardika Patoliya
    Hardika Patoliya
  • daxeel soni
    daxeel soni
  • bodhisattwa sanghapriya
    bodhisattwa sanghapriya
  • akshaya patra foundation
    akshaya patra foundation
  • banana house
    banana house
  • arjav parikh
    arjav parikh
  • amol gulhane
    amol gulhane
  • amisha ghadiali
    amisha ghadiali
  • aman grag
    aman grag
  • Joy mondal
    Joy mondal
  • V. Sunil
    V. Sunil
  • Lakshmi Pratury
    Lakshmi Pratury

    Lakshmi Pratury is the host and curator of the INK Conference. INK stands for Innovation and Knowledge and is India’s leading platform for spreading disruptive ideas and inspiring stories from the most unexpected sources. It all started in 2009 when Lakshmi after two decades of working in marketing, venture capitalism and social entrepreneurship, turned her focus toward linking her home country of India more tightly with the American community by bringing TED to India.

  • Dale Stephens
    Dale Stephens

    He is founder of Gap Year Global, and have partner with colleges and universities to run experiential learning programs for freshman — you can learn more at uncollege.org. His full time job is supporting the organization through media, partnerships, and business development. As an investor and advisor, he love working with early-stage founders.

  • Sumant Luhar
    Sumant Luhar
  • Sumit Rajput
    Sumit Rajput
  • Keval Patel
    Keval Patel
  • Parishri Lakhia
    Parishri Lakhia
  • Riyas Komu
    Riyas Komu

    Riyas Komu is an Indian artist and sculptor. Born in 1971 in a small town in Thrissur District in Kerala. He did Bachelors in Fine Arts & Masters in Fine Arts from the prestigious Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. As of 2015 he lived and worked from Mumbai.

  • Bose Krishnamachari
    Bose Krishnamachari

    Bose Krishnamachari is an internationally acclaimed Malayali painter and Artist-Curator based in Mumbai, India.Bose is the founder member and President of Kochi Biennale Foundation and Biennale Director of international exhibition of contemporary art, Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

  • Emeka Okafor
    Emeka Okafor

    Emeka is maker’s maker! He is one of the main forces behind Maker Faire Africa. Emeka Okafor will took place in Arusha,Tanzania.In addition he is a member of the TED fellowship team.His interests include sustainable technologies in the developing world and paradigm breaking technologies in general.

  • Ashini Shah
    Ashini Shah Graphic Designer
  • Deep & Prahar
    Deep & Prahar
  • Urmil Parikh
    Urmil Parikh
  • Robin
  • Bhaskar
  • Franky Upadhyay
    Franky Upadhyay
  • Vibhooti chauhan
    Vibhooti chauhan
  • Shahebaz khan
    Shahebaz khan
  • Keval Rambhia
    Keval Rambhia
  • Richa Patel
    Richa Patel
  • Radhika Agrawal
    Radhika Agrawal
  • Tejas Deyora
    Tejas Deyora
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