Meet The Maker: Susant Pattnaik

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Susant Pattnaik describes himself as a “social entrepreneur”, “tech entrepreneur” and a “serial entrepreneur” with a patent technology to his name.

He is best known for inventing a breath-activated wheelchair for the disabled, a super sense technology that only requires slight head and hand movement to operate computers, and an anti-theft security system for cars wherein a simple phone call can prevent the car from being stolen. While most kids his age were out playing football and studying for class 12 examinations, Susant had a paper published by MIT Technology Review.

He has been awarded the President’s award thrice and has been recognized globally by the likes of MIT, NASA, Intel, TED and even Mr. James Cameron among several others. While still in his teens, at 19, Susant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED.

Today, at 20, he is no more the wonder-kid of the block but rather a social tech entrepreneur that the world is both inspired by and in awe of. He’s the co-founder of two companies — one that does R&D for innovations, refines the ideas and sells them and the other that takes raw ideas from companies and converts them into working prototypes. Susant has also founded an NGO called Scientific Innovation Foundation to help unsupported inventors take their creations to the next level.

As Maker Fest 2014 embraces the spirit of creativity, innovation and resourcefulness, we bring to you Sushant Pattnaik, whose creations employ each of these qualities and more.

Join us at Maker Fest 2014 on January 4th and 5th at NID to meet this young innovator who’s working his way to give back to society, using intelligence and creativity as his tools.

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