Meet Our Maker: Play Lab

Play Lab is a start-up operating in the field of Education, Technology & Design. It is a team of Engineers + Designers who encourage people to play, learn & experiment with technology and use it for making things, solving problems, and exploring creativity.

Play Lab is trying to break the notion of computers into something simple, creative and empowering. They develop easy-to-use prototyping toolkits for kids & adults and interact with schools, colleges & teachers to effectively enable students to use these tools.

They conduct hands-on workshops where they break the conventional stereotype of computers & technology that is fixed into each one of us, and instead start using technology as a tool.

They also help schools and colleges in building a community by setting up their own Play Labs.

Register here for #MakerFest2014 to be held in Ahmedabad on 4th and 5th January.