Meet Our Maker: Nirmit Parikh

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Nirmit Parikh, is a start-up junkie. He believes in dreaming big and defying the ordinary by building smart technologies.

At the age of 7, he made his first circuit board for a digital board and at 13, he did his first programming in robotics.

In 2006, during the major flood in Surat, it struck to Nirmit that relying on humans to open and close the floodgates in a dam is thoroughly inefficient. The unpredictability of the amount of water flowing towards the dam also drew his concern, since no precision on how much to open the gates could be taken.

This led to Nirmit designing his first dam automation and flood forecasting software, which was successfully tested and implemented in many hydro-power stations across the world and various dams. The software draws operational logic from artificial intelligence. This project got him several national and international awards.

Nirmit started his first start-up, Incone Technologies, based on this software, which he built as part of his academic project and is today a pioneer technology in Dam Automation and Flood forecasting in India. He later went on to find Cruxlight, which is a web summarization tool. The idea came about when Nirmit faced a difficulty in gauging the content of a webpage. For instance, if you’re in the offline world in a bookstore and each book has a summary at the back of the page. Cruxlight intends to do this for every web page. It gives you a summary of the text within that page so that you don’t have to go through the entire page.

Nirmit is a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum and is also leading UnMuted – Governance in the Cloud initiative today.

Join us for #MakerFest2014 and grab the opportunity to witness this powerhouse of talent who’s helping us bridge new possibilities for a technologically advanced tomorrow.

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