Meet Our Maker: Myshkin Ingawale

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Myshkin Ingawale is co-founder of an internationally recognized Indian med-tech company called Bioscience Technologies. He and his team built ToucHB, a portable device to diagnose & monitor anemia without pricks. ToucHB can do blood testing of hemoglobin non-invasively i.e. without needles. He believes that this is going to democratize health care.

The idea occurred to him when he accompanied his friend who was an interning doctor, delivering a baby at Parol, about two hours north from Mumbai. His friend told him about two deaths when he came out. The mother and child both died during the delivery. He told him that this was entirely due to undiagnosed anemia.

Generally anemia isn’t something that proves fatal. Folic acid, iron tablets- which are very cheap exist to control anemia. But the $10,000 machine called a Coulter Counter which diagnoses this disease is in Mumbai and wasn’t available in Parol. Plus operating the machine required a technician, something which a village health worker wouldn’t be skilled enough to handle.

That’s when he brought together a team which after 32 attempts, delivered a successful portable device ToucHB Quick which measures haemoglobin, oxygen and pulse rate without any pricks within 20 seconds.

Myshkin was awarded the Anjani Mashelkar award for Inclusive Innovation 2012 and the TED Senior Fellowship 2013. In the past, Myshkin has worked at Mc Kinsey and Company as a business consultant and has also been a researcher at MIT as a part of the team that conceptualized and built the Copenhagen Wheel, demoed at the United Nations Climate Summit, 2009.

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