Meet Our Maker: Karan Chaphekar

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Karan Chaphekar is an avid maker, RepRap (a self-replicating manufacturing machine) community member, and robotronics enthusiast.

Karan grew up in a middle class family in Thane,with grounded values but with a mother and father who both encouraged him to follow his passion. His passion happened to be making things: As a child he started enjoying playing with electronics, making projects like robots and different mechatronics contraptions.Becoming involved in the RepRap open community, he learnt the ins and outs of 3D printers, and started helping other makers with their 3D printer parts and projects.

With his reputation growing outwards form India and reaching – like the 3D printers he made and supplied – to the far flung shores of Malaysia and Japan, he decided to take on a challenge that had been at the forefront of this fledgling technology: to make 3D printers easier to use and more reliable, so that anyone could benefit from its power, so that anyone could make anything that their creativity enabled. This is how KCbots was born, and how the KUBE, the 3D printer that works out of the box, without needing any kind of assembly, came about.

Register here to meet this avid maker. 

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