Meet Our Maker: Daniela Ayeshaa

Daniela Ayeshaa founded Artesania India, which began as an idea in 2008, the year of the global recession.

That year, headlines across newspapers lauded India for being ‘unaffected’ by the global downturn but Daniella, a journalist then with the Times of India – Ahmedabad Mirror was working on a report with a local NGO that proved otherwise. She discovered that a large percentage of India’s economy constituted of and was run by its unorganized sector. She quit her job and set out to form Artesania, a sustainable livelihood organization that not only supports Master Artisans but almost anyone who would like to turn to craft to build a sustainable livelihood.

Five years later, Artesania India is a sustainable design house where shepherds, seamstresses, tribeswomen, housekeepers, specially abled individuals and auto-rickshaw drivers, too, are working with over 100 families in three of India’s states to revolutionize the way craft in India is perceived, practiced, marketed and projected.

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