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Craftroots is a unique platform that showcases and brings into spotlight the best of craftsmanship from Gujarat.

Craftroots, an initiative of Gramshree aims to empower artisans by connecting them to our resources, tools and network of partner members. 

Craftroots was born to revive, preserve and share the craft traditions of Gujarat, India with the world. We aim to bring together people, process and technology to revive our traditional craft and building an eco-system with partner members to develop a scalable and sustainable model for craft development.

Our partner members include Artisans, NGO’s, businesses & corporations, prominent designers, architects and educational institutions that specialize in design & development of various craft forms. 

At Craftroots, we support Fair trade and Craft mark certification standards.

Register here for #MakerFest2014 to be held in Ahmedabad on 4th and 5th January.

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