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Defying the Jugaad.

Every Indian is more often than not, familiar with the term “jugaad”. A jugaad is a patch-up compromise to any problem, which isn’t necessarily the standard acceptable solution to the problem. We’ve all adhered to one or another jugaad every now and then, be it getting chapters photocopied instead of buying the actual book or being stuffed along with 6 other passengers in a three-seater auto-rickshaw with an extended driver’s seat that supports two others. We’ve all been there and some of us have even grown to appreciate it.

But for Abhinav Kumar, ‘jugaad’ represented a problem and he’s been working on a solution to for the past five years. The Jugaad that Abhinav has been addressing a solution to, is an improvised, illegal and unsafe motor vehicle used for transportation of both passengers as well as freight in rural India. There are an estimated 80,000 such contraptions on road at present. These contraptions have also led to a number of accidents resulting in deaths to the extent that in October 2010, the High Court of Rajasthan ordered a ban on such contraptions.

Abhinav has traveled across villages in North India and Gujarat to understand the Jugaad phenomena and mobility requirements of the rural poor.  He soon realized that there were consumer demands for a transport vehicle that was both affordable and reliable among rural India. In 2010, he started his own venture Evomo, which built ‘Saavaj’, a rural utility vehicle (RUV) that aims to replace the jugaad, in the most cost-effective, legal and secure way possible.

Abhinav’s noble approach to use his creativity and skills to streamline towards an innovative automobile, that defies the rusty compromise, that is “Jugaad”, is what inspires us to bring together, him and his team to display the makes of Saavaj at Maker Fest.

Register yourself for Maker Fest right here to meet Abhinav and his team Evomo showcasing Saavaj at the fest. 

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