FAQ #1: Who is a Maker?

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The difference between Makers and everyone else is simple: we Makers get our hands dirty and make things. To quote US President Barack Obama: “it has been the risk-takers, the doers, the makers of things—some celebrated, but more often men and women obscure in their labor—who have carried us up the long rugged path towards prosperity and freedom.”

Makers choose creation over consumption. We build systems ourselves before bureaucrats sort out the paperwork. We’re insatiably curious and excited to share ideas and we welcome collaboration.

Makers take nothing at face value—we believe that technology is hackable. Any tool created by humans— from spinning wheels to iPhones to social constructs to the global economy—can be repurposed, refurbished, reclaimed and improved.

Makers come from all ages and all backgrounds. Join us.

Stay tuned over the next few days for more about the global Maker Movement, and what to expect at India’s first Maker Fest…

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