Electro Bricks – Electronics is fun

Electro Bricks are Fun Electronics Blocks for new bees looking to get started with Electronics. Similar to the popular construction blocks format, the bricks are pluggable with each other. You can create complex circuits using very simple bricks. You do not need any programming or soldering skills to get started with electro bricks. This makes it ideal for young kids, hobbyists
and artists.

Two hour workshop for kids, makers and artists, who may not have any prior knowledge of electronics. We will be starting by brief introduction to Electro Bricks and how to use them. During the workshop teams will be working on different things at same time. We will be making following things.

  • Automatic Night Lamp, Mood Lamp
  • Autonomous Cardboard Car and various variants of it.
  • Talking Head (very simple but very funny) ☺
  • Techno Musical instruments
  • We will Play with lights and music and make them interact with each other.
  • And many more if time left.

Everything is going to be completely hands on you will make all the things in three person team. We will be there to help you only.

Workshop is free. But we appreciate if you could bring some home cooked snacks for everyone. We have only 15 seats. Passes will be available at Electro Bricks stall During Maker Fest.

This workshop is specially designed for those who wanted to use electronics but at a moment do not have very deep understanding of it.

If you use arduino, Pi or other embedded platform already you might not find it very informative. So please do recommend this workshop to someone who you think can enjoy mixing craft with electronics.

Age range from 3+
Registration Fee : None

Speaker: Shashwat Ratan
About Speaker: Shashwat Ratan is an INK fellow, Industrial Scientist, Inventor and Maker at
heart. Currently he is the MD/Head of Research and Development at Roboshack Microtronics
Pvt. Ltd. He is the founder of Meerut Maker Space. Working with kids is something Shashwat
loves the most. He invented Electro Bricks seven years back to make learning fun for kids and
adults alike.

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