The Real Circuiteer

“The Real Circuiteer” workshop enables kids to make exciting projects while teaching them about electricity and electronics. And do know what’s the best part?? The Kids will make these projects on breadboard – a tool that real engineers use to design and make circuits!!!


Does your child get curious seeing different electrical applicances? If yes, bring him to this workshop on the philosophy of Break-Learn-Make.

Experimenting with Warli Art

Warli art is a tribal art originated from Maharashtra. This work will help you to understand the story behing the painting as well as the process. During the workshop you will learn the Implementations/Trying hands on different materials. Products: Wall Clock & Umbrella.

Hothead Desserts

Do you know that you can also make mouth-watering desserts by yourself?? Enrol at this wonderful workshop by ‘Hothead Desserts’ and learn to make delicious Cake pops, Truffle balls and Decorative Chocolate

Experimenting with Natural Dyes

This workshop is an attempt to create awareness about the natural dying process on clothes. This will help the participants to know the different type of dying process with various type of natural colors.