Come and learn ‘Amigurumi’, the Japanese art of knitting small, usually cute stuffed animals and inanimate objects. It is a fun and simple technique which once you get a hang of, you can explore millions of possibilities!!!

IOT with Evive

Evive as an open source embedded platform. With an Arduino Mega at it’s heart, Evive offers a unique menu-based visual interface. It has a power module, plug-and-paly hardware interface, data acquisition module. The three hour workshop will help you a build a self Tweeting system using eveive’s IOT capabilities

Block Printing

Have you ever wondered how the magic of hand-block printing works?? Come to the workshop to learn this wonderful art and create your own printed wonder!!!

Programmable Matter : Designing the technology

The workshop will dive into how to leverage properties of materials and matter in general to build better interactivity in domains of fashion, robotics and machines. Programmable matter is about enabling programs to control the properties of matter to give them capability of reconfiguration which makes them more dynamic in form and function. We will look into the trends in this technology and learn how to build such an interface using shape memory alloys and simple electronic components.

Let’s Lego

Unleash the creative side of child’s brain in this two hours of workshop with the best pre- robotics kit around, WeDo 2.0!

Child will get to create and program his own robot


Build and program your own first robot using world’s best LEGO Mindstorms EV3 kit
Push your limits and crack the challenge given on the spot with your robot and win gifts!

DIY Pluto Drone

We have all seen the drones…right?? How cool it would be if you can also make them! In this wonderful workshop by “DIY Pluto Drone”, you will get hands-on experience with building aerial vehicles. At the end of the workshop, you take the self-built Pluto home and explore new possibilities!!!