Hello Makers!!

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hello makers!!
yes, i am talking to you. I am a maker; you are a maker. Sounds weird?
Be prepare. We are again coming  with India’s largest maker’s event where every individual mind  will work  together, where we will  think together, we will execute our ideas together, we will exchange our thoughts and don’t know what other exciting things!!
You are making paper plane or making real robot, you are designing a stool or you are making video games, we would love to connect with you.  You can make a paper plane you are a maker; I can make an airplane i am a maker what if we both would come together and exchange some thoughts? THAT IS WHAT WE WANT AND THAT IS WHY WE ARE HERE.
We are here to provide you the best platform where we can exchange precious thoughts/ideas and come up with something unseen, unthought in short we are going to play with each other’s ideas and would share some.
India has the second largest pool of scientist, engineers and doctors then why are we still backwards in the list of latest technology? Why India’s entrepreneurs  need to go outside for an execution? Why our street artist couldn’t make enough money though he/she has a very good talent. Maybe ans is the communication gap/knowledge gap!! We desperately want to fill that gap with an amazing opportunity called MAKER FEST.
 Let’s come together and fill this gap. COME JOIN US to the  India’s largest fest of people like us who makes things, who produces something. You are an artist,  scientist , student, designer, gamer,  you are doing something  then you are a maker.
Come join us and share your  visions. Be a part of India’s progress.


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